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She-Hulk - Marvel Studios (2021-2022)

Set Decoration Coordinator (additional photography) (10 Episodes)

Set Decoration Production Assistant (10 Episodes)

Tungsten Originals Podcast (2021)

Sound Editor, Mixing Engineer

SizzCast - Bounty Hunters Audio Drama Series (2021)

Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Mixing Engineery


The Fruit of the Fungi (2021) Dir. Clea Cullen

Director, Executive Producer, Composer

Silver Award Winner at Spotlight Documentary Film Awards

Official Selection at Hollywood Shorts Film Festival

LYDIA (2020) Dir. Clea Cullen

Director, Executive Producer, ADR Recordist, Music Composer

Finalist at Venice Shorts Film Festival,

Official Selection at Los Angeles Lift- Off Festival

Wake Up (2020) Dir. Clea Cullen

Director, Producer, Sound Designer, ADR recordist, Music Composer

Official Selection at Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival


Blood Sisters VR Experience (2019) Dir. Clea Cullen

Official Selection at Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival, Kremfest, Russian International Film Festival, and Short. Sweet. Film Fest

Director, Sound Designer

Translucent (2019) - LAFF (LA Fashion Film Festival) Dir. Clea Cullen


Carmex (2019) Dir. Clea Cullen

Director, Sound Designer, ADR Recordist


Scepticisme (2018) Dir. Clea Cullen

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Composer


Milkshake (2017) Dir. Clea Cullen

Producer, Director, Editor, Composer

Clea Cullen is an award winning director, sound designer, and music composer from Atlanta, Georgia. She has been sound designing and composing for her own films since the beginning of her career and has also branched out into freelance sound for short films, podcasts, and audio dramas. Her skills span beyond filmmaking and into other time-based media such as dome film installations and virtual reality experiences. Clea graduated from SCAD in 2020 with a BFA in Film and Television and a minor in music production. She is a certified AVID ProTools Operator for post production with 5+ years of experience. Her senior thesis, Lydia, a five-minute sci-fi thriller about artificial intelligence has gone to the Los Angeles Lift-off Festival and was a finalist in the Venice shorts film festival. Her documentary film, The Fruit of the Fungi, was selected in the Hollywood Shorts film festival and was a Silver Award winner in the Spotlight Documentary Awards. Clea is currently traveling and making documentaries for the Parks Channel. Over the last two years she's worked with Ryan of Graveface Records to create a feature length documentary that will be coming soon...

Stems Brooklyn (2021) - Branded Content Dir. Hailey French

Sound Editor, Composer, Mixing Engineer

The Piano Tuner (2021) - Short Film Dir. Hailey French

Dialogue Editor, Mixing Engineer

A Trilogy (2021) - Experimental 3-part Short Film

VO Recordist, Music Composer


Currents (2021) - Short Film Dir. Jackson Gary

Dialogue Editor

The Deal (2021) - Short Film Dir. Elliot Fisher

Dialogue Editor, Foley Artist, Assistant Sound Designer


In an Instant (2020) - Documentary - Dir. Francesca Poliseno

Unit Production Manager, Music Composer, Mixer

Best Documentary Short at Screen Power Festival in London, UK

Winner at Kosice International Film Festival

Finalist in Best Documentary Awards

Semi Finalist in Sunday Shorts Film Festival

Honorable Mention at Screen Power Film Festival

Official Selection for Short Shot Fest, New York Lift Off, etc.

On View (2020) Dir. Francesca Poliseno, Ania Catherine, and Dejha Ti

Script Supervisor, ADR Recordist, Music Composer

Good Koreans (2020) Dir. Erik Pham

Music Composer

The Light Breaks (2020) Dir. Hailey French

Music Composer

Official Selection at SCAD Savannah Film Festival

Suzanne Jackson (2020) Dir. Hailey French

Music Composer, Mixing Engineer

THE FRAY (2019) Dir. Davi Pena

2nd AD

Official Selection at nffty, Big Apple Film Festival,

ASC Heritage Award nominee

Cherish Commercial (2019)

Sound Designer and ADR Recordist


RESUME (2019) Dir. Robert Mathulko

Sound Designer, Music Composer

Through the Lens (2018) - Dir. Jordan Tennanbaum


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