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Faith in Fortune (2019)

By Clea Cullen

Infinity Mirror sculpture constructed out of glass, film,  LED stripping, matte board, coins, one-hundred dollar bill, chains

"Clea Cullen is more or less a jack of all trades. Hailing from Atlanta, Ga the young creative is currently a SCAD student for film, television and music production. She creates experiences in film making, photography, and media installation as well as help put on events in the Savannah creative scene. ‘Faith in Fortune,’ is a glass, acrylic, matte board with neon green LED stripping, chain, and zip ties. Clea describes the ideology of the piece is to “draw attention to our relationship with money, which is inherently a belief system even more widespread than religion.” Check out pictures of the artwork below and if you’re interested in the piece hit her up here in the DM, don’t be creepy!"

Published in Brash Belief

By Cam Neysmith

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